Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Political Economy Resources

Here are some of the materials we will be using in class on Wednesday... no need to check them out ahead of time. But they are here for your reference:

The Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Disney's Celebration

Disney's First Black Princess

Tim Wise, Between Barack and a Hard Place


  1. Champlin Foundation - technology grants:


  2. Here is a chock-full site: http://www.21stcenturyschools.com/What_is_21st_Century_Education.htm

  3. Letter to parents to promote media literacy:
    Dear Families,

    Welcome to the 2009-2010 school year! As we begin this year’s adventure, we will investigate central ideas, persons, texts, concepts and moments of the subject at hand. As we do so, we will use a number of resources, some of which are familiar to us all, and some which are innovative and open for exploration. Like you, I have often marveled at the speed and variety of resources available on the Web; why do we often shy away from using technology that our children find so engaging in ways that would have them really thinking, and not just running up your cell phone bill? If we think about the ultimate aims of teaching and parenting, it is obvious that our goals are the same: helping to make each of them responsive, responsible, and appropriately independent thinkers, learners and citizens. Research has demonstrated that students who engage in carefully designed and monitored learning activities via the 21st century technologies are developing into more and more active and engaged learners. Our course aims to build on that by encouraging students to use the technologies they already know and use, and apply them in new ways: ones which will enhance their thinking skills, not just the size of their thumbs. The 21st century will require students not only to know, but to demonstrate what they know, and using 21st century tools to accomplish the timeless tasks of competence, human resourcefulness, and responsibility. We look forward to sharing our many adventures.

    Respectfully yours,