Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Night Assignments

For tonight, you do not have an external reading assignment, but I do want you to search the web to explore what kind of public discourse is out there on Disney Pixar's Up.

You will find useful information at IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). You are also free to look at blogs and other online posts. Film "reviews" can be useful but they often use frameworks and language that contradict the cultural studies models we have explored this week. Try to find sources that talk about "representation" and what the film teaches us in its message and worldview, rather than mere technical prowess.

For your scheduling needs, we will be seeing up at the Providence Place Mall at 1:55pm. Guests are invited -- we will be discussing the film after and they are welcome to join us for that as well.

See you in the morning!

LB :)

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